Grown Your Own Heirloom Vegetable Plants

The Coeur d’Alene Coop offers a small a selection of heirloom vegetable plants to compliment your heirloom tomato garden.

For 2017, we are offings several types heirloom cucumber, pepper (sweet and hot), snap peas, squashes, and tomatillos. Quantities are limited on some varieties. We also have a selection of basil, chives, parsley, and cilantro.

All our heirloom plants are grown from open pollinated seed, in our garden in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Ordering and Purchasing

Vegetable plant starts are available for purchase in early May directly from our garden in downtown Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Please email us to confirm plant availability and open garden times (

We also sell heirloom tomato plants and early spring produce at the Wednesday Kootenai County Farmers’ Market in downtown Coeur d’Alene, from early May through the end of June.


Heirloom Vegetable Plants


Lemon Cucumber Heirloom Vegetable Plant | The Coeur d'Alene CoopLemon

60 days. A cucumber the shape, size and color of a lemon, but the flavor is sweet and mild — you can eat the skin and all! This heirloom was introduced in 1894, and is still a favorite today!





Miniature White Cucumber Heirloom Vegetable Plant | The Coeur d'Alene CoopMiniature White — Great for Container Gardening!

50 days. An early, miniature cucumber. White-skinned fruit grow on almost bush plants that seldom run over 3 feet — making it great for a container. Production is high and the fruits are delicious – none of the bitterness usually associated with white cucumbers.




Tendergreen Burpless

55 days. Burpless slicer popular for over 80 years! Fruits are medium-dark green, 7-12 inches in length, plump and smooth. Tolerates cool soil and excessive moisture better than many, as well as downy mildew and mosaic virus.




chocolate beauty pepper Heirloom Vegetable Plant | The Coeur d'Alene CoopChocolate Beauty (Sweet)

70 days. Blocky, medium to larger fruits ripen to a rich chocolate-brown. The green fruits are good, but they are spectacular when fully ripe. Very sweet. Plants are good producers.





King of the North Pepper Heirloom Vegetable Plant | The Coeur d'Alene CoopKing of the North (Sweet)

70 days. An exciting bell pepper perfect for short-season growers (north Idaho!). This variety produces nice, blocky fruit that are nicely flavored when picked green or red. Productive plants for northern regions.





Pepper-CanaryCanary Bell Pepper (Sweet)

70 days. Superior sweet pepper, medium-sized, thick-walled green fruits ripening to bright yellow color. Sets early and produces all summer. Superb in salads, and a premier type for grilling. Exceptional flavor, very productive two-foot plants.



Pepper-Horizon-Bell-PepperHorizon Bell Pepper (Sweet)

73 days. Excellent yields of brilliant orange-yellow bell peppers. Blocky, four-inch fruits are thick-walled, ripening from medium green to orange-yellow at maturity. Sweet and flavorful gourmet pepper for salads, stuffing and more!



Banana Pepper (Sweet)

70-80 days. Classic, sweet wax pepper that has been grown by generations of gardeners. Sleek, tapered fruits reaching 6-7″ long, 2″ wide, are a translucent ivory color when immature, ripening quickly to stunning red-orange.



Fish PepperFish Pepper (Medium-Hot) Great for Container Gardening

75-80 days. This medium-hot pepper is an old East Coast favorite for flavoring Chesapeake Bay seafood. The 3 inch fruits range in color from green and white, to orange, brown, and red. But what really stands out is the wonderful foliage – variegated green and white leaves — making it a stunning edible landscape plant as well.






Straightneck Summer Squash Heirloom Vegetable Plant | The Coeur d'Alene CoopEarly Prolific Straightneck

45 days. AAS Winner from 1938; uniform lemon-yellow, club-shaped fruit; firm flesh is of excellent quality, tasty.




Green Bush Zucchini Heirloom Vegetable Plant | The Coeur d'Alene CoopGreen Bush Zucchini  Great for Container Gardening

50 days. A classic deep-green zucchini that yields abundantly and tastes delicious. Bush plants are great for smaller gardens.



Ronde De Nice (Round Zucchini)

50 days. This Italian heirloom is really a round, green zucchini! Mild tasting and tender, these are perfect orbs for stuffing. Vigorous, quick-growing vines.



Spaghetti Squash | The Coeur d'Alene CoopSpaghetti Squash

85 days. This very popular squash has a stringy flesh that is used like spaghetti. Introduced by the Sakata Seed Co. of Japan in 1934. It’s origins may have been in China.



Winter Luxury (Livingston’s Pie Squash)

85 days. Introduced in 1893. Fruits average 6 pounds, making them the perfect size for two pies. Orange rind is covered in a delicate netting. Flesh is smooth, sweet and fiber-free. Not a good keeper, so enjoy by Thanksgiving or early winter. Limited Quantity.






Rio Grande Verde Tomatillo | The Coeur d'Alene CoopRio Grande Verde Tomatillo

83 days. This special selection of tomatillo yields large, apple-green fruits. The medium sized, determinate plants need no staking. The globe shaped fruits reach 3-4 ounces, very large for a tomatillo, and the yields are very high.