A Primer for Backyard Chickens–5 Points to Consider

Are You Ready for a Backyard Flock? A Primer for Backyard Chickens It's undeniable that baby chicks are adorable...and hard to resist. This time of year, the local feed stores are bursting with little biddies--"Chick Days"--is what they call it. … [Read more...]

Sweet 16

The 2nd Street Chicken Ranch is celebrating a Sweet 16 this weekend! Our "chicks" are 16 weeks today and will be moving to the main coop with Helen and Madge.  After a month of informal "meet and greets" on the lawn, everyone is ready (well, … [Read more...]

Getting to Know You

We held our "Hens & Chicks Meet & Greet" over the weekend and I think we've found a way to ease the drama, trauma and pain of small flock integration.  And what a relief that is, given the trauma endured … [Read more...]

New Chicks on the Block

Madge and Helen check out the new neighbors.Our new girls have settled nicely into their brand new, one bedroom, starter home. It's pretty exciting to move into a new house and get to know the new neighbors -- especially when the old biddies … [Read more...]

House Those Hens for Under $10: How to Build a Chicken Coop on the Cheap!

Our chicks are just about 3 weeks old and it is amazing how fast they grow.  They don't look anything like the cute, fuzzy balls of fluff we brought home at the beginning of the month.  They are still living in our family room in … [Read more...]

Indoor Farming

Well, it is April 6th, and in north Idaho we are still waiting for spring.  Oh yeah, the usual signs are all around -- tulips are pushing up, grass greening up - but the temperature certainly is not up.  As eager as I am to … [Read more...]