Chick Primer: Brooder to Coop

It is officially spring. While it's not the actual vernal equinox (that's still a couple of weeks away); I know it's spring because when I walked into the farm store last week the undeniable sound of chicks "peeping" could be heard. And to me, that … [Read more...]

Tips to Keep Your Flock Toasty This Winter

It's been a relatively calm fall here in northern Idaho, with many mild days and nights above the freezing mark. To date, we've only had a week when our coop went into "winter-mode," when we had to turn on the coop's heat lamp and plug in the heated … [Read more...]

A Primer for Backyard Chickens–5 Points to Consider

Are You Ready for a Backyard Flock? A Primer for Backyard Chickens It's undeniable that baby chicks are adorable...and hard to resist. This time of year, the local feed stores are bursting with little biddies--"Chick Days"--is what they call it. … [Read more...]

Kootenai County Farmer’s Market Opens

Kootenai County Farmer's Market Opens Saturday! The kick-off to gardening season begins this Saturday, May 11 with the opening of the Kootenai County Farmer's Market.  The market, a non-profit organization,  has been serving Kootenai County for 27 … [Read more...]

Egg Refrigeration Not Always Required

When you think about it, it's a pretty amazing that a hen in her laying prime produces an egg every 24 to 26 hours.   That's what I call working around the clock. And then there is that "incredible, edible egg."  The Egg Board got that right with … [Read more...]

What Is A Natural, Free Range, Free Roaming, Cage Free, Pastured Poultry Egg?

I had an interesting and enlightening (albeit short) interaction with a potential customer at Farmer's Market last Wednesday about the 2nd St. Chicken Ranch eggs.  The customer wanted to know if the eggs were from "free range" chickens.  A valid … [Read more...]

Chicken Little’s Watering Hole Makes Life Easier!

Raising backyard chickens really doesn't take a lot of effort, but when something comes along that makes tending your flock just that much easier -- well you should know about it! I found an enterprising young couple selling nifty, heated water … [Read more...]

Crowd Sourcing to Get the Job Done

The following bit of photojournalism captures the daily activity inside the Coeur d'Alene Coop.  Madge is quite the attraction to the younger girls when she in on the nest.  I wish I could have recorded the "chicken purring" that occurred during this … [Read more...]

Flock Integration: So Happy Together

Over the weekend we moved our 16-week old pullets into the main coop with our two older hens.  I'm happy to report it was a great success with no bloodshed, no loss of feathers or any real discomfort for anyone (especially me).  Amazing. … [Read more...]

Sweet 16

The 2nd Street Chicken Ranch is celebrating a Sweet 16 this weekend! Our "chicks" are 16 weeks today and will be moving to the main coop with Helen and Madge.  After a month of informal "meet and greets" on the lawn, everyone is ready (well, … [Read more...]