Getting to Know You

We held our "Hens & Chicks Meet & Greet" over the weekend and I think we've found a way to ease the drama, trauma and pain of small flock integration.  And what a relief that is, given the trauma endured … [Read more...]

New Chicks on the Block

Madge and Helen check out the new neighbors.Our new girls have settled nicely into their brand new, one bedroom, starter home. It's pretty exciting to move into a new house and get to know the new neighbors -- especially when the old biddies … [Read more...]

House Those Hens for Under $10: How to Build a Chicken Coop on the Cheap!

Our chicks are just about 3 weeks old and it is amazing how fast they grow.  They don't look anything like the cute, fuzzy balls of fluff we brought home at the beginning of the month.  They are still living in our family room in … [Read more...]

Chicken Little Grows Up…Fast

I am still amazed at how fast chicks grow!  Our new chicks - Marigold, Petunia, Violet and Rose - are just about three weeks old.  See how much they've grown since joining the Second Street Chicken Ranch on April … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a very successful year of gardening and chicken farming! Happy New Year from the Coeur d'Alene Coop  … [Read more...]

Preventing Chicken Cooties

If you have outdoor pets, horses or livestock,  you know that these animals need to be wormed on occasion.Well City Chickers, your back yard flock is no different.  In fact urban coops could have a higher incidence of … [Read more...]

Sadness in the Coop

Harriet as a pulletWe lost another girl over the weekend.  Harriet the Australorpe died in her sleep sometime Sunday night.  We noticed a change in her earlier in the summer but thought it was due to molting.  Unlike Buttercup, who … [Read more...]

Serenity Now

It's been nearly two weeks since we introduced Midge and Madge, a pair of Buff Orpingtons, to our Second Street Chicken Ranch flock and relative peace has finally settled in.  This newly acquired, "peaceful, easy feeling," hasn't … [Read more...]

Upstairs Downstairs

The Second Street Chicken Ranch now has two flocks; not the desired outcome of flock integration.  Albeit a temporary situation, the new girls, Midge and Madge, have retreated to the serenity of the Penthouse coop while the "Street … [Read more...]

The Coup de Coop

Let me just say up front, flock integration is not for the light hearted.  Anyone watch the Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen channel?  Yeah, completely trashy, bad-girl drama (makes treadmill time at the gym fly … [Read more...]