Chicken Little’s Watering Hole Makes Life Easier!

Raising backyard chickens really doesn’t take a lot of effort, but when something comes along that makes tending your flock just that much easier — well you should know about it!

I found an enterprising young couple selling nifty, heated water buckets for chickens at the Kootenai County Farmer’s Market a couple of weeks ago.  As a marketer, I immediately fell for the company’s name,  “Chicken Little’s Watering Hole.”  Great name!

Ashleigh Schild and her husband Adam, have created a solution to the issues of messy, tipped over or frozen water containers used in coops.    Chicken Little's Watering Hole Heated Water Bucket for ChickensTheir product is simple enough – a heated water bucket with nipples installed in the bottom.  It can be hung inside the coop or pen or on the outside.

You know, it really is the little things in life…goodbye water tray filled with shavings 37 seconds after cleaning and refilling; goodbye to the dumped over container after a little feathered frolicking in the coop; and a BIG goodbye to frozen water and/or high electricity bills for keeping it thawed with a heat lamp all winter!

I wasn’t sure how my girls would respond to the bucket, since they are, well, rather “chicken” when it comes to something new in the coop (flashback to the complete mayhem and hysteria over a Flock Block).   We decided to hang the bucket inside the coop’s pen and within 10 minutes all six of my girls were happily pecking at the red water nipples and enjoying a cool drink.  I was amazed and delighted!

The Coeur d'Alene Coop Heated Water Bucket Watering SystemYou if have chickens you know they tip their heads back to swallow…hanging a bucket above their heads provides a natural way for them to drink.  The 5 gallon size eliminates the need for constant refilling and it’s easy to fill – just pull the hose over (or as the Schilds say – shovel snow in it in the winter and let it melt!).

Backyard to barnyard, no matter the size of your flock,  you should check out Chicken Little’s Watering Hole.  The buckets come heated or unheated and in several sizes – even one sized for chicks!  Find them on Facebook or at the Kootenai County Farmer’s Market.

The Coeur d’Alene Coop and the Second Street Chicken Ranch give this neat product an Extra-Large Grade AA rating!The Coeur d'Alene Coop's Helen Enjoys a Cool Drink!

For more information about Chicken Little’s Watering Hole, visit their Facebook page at:



  1. Great idea. I would wonder about the hens accepting the water nipples also. Good to hear yours went right for it. I’ll check out this product. Thanks for posting it.

  2. rabbit raiser says:

    so where else can you purchase one of these water holes. not able to get to cda that often .

  3. Vanessa Miller says:

    I was wondering if you could help me. We are looking to relocate to Coeur d alene area and we have 2 roosters. What areas will allow roosters? I know they are not allowed in city limits of Coeur d Alene. I read somewhere they were allowed in Hayden. Can’t seem to find an answer. Any information would be helpful. Thank you, Vanesa Miller

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