Egg Refrigeration Not Always Required

When you think about it, it's a pretty amazing that a hen in her laying prime produces an egg every 24 to 26 hours.   That's what I call working around the clock. And then there is that "incredible, edible egg."  The Egg Board got that right with … [Read more...]

What Is A Natural, Free Range, Free Roaming, Cage Free, Pastured Poultry Egg?

I had an interesting and enlightening (albeit short) interaction with a potential customer at Farmer's Market last Wednesday about the 2nd St. Chicken Ranch eggs.  The customer wanted to know if the eggs were from "free range" chickens.  A valid … [Read more...]

Crowd Sourcing to Get the Job Done

The following bit of photojournalism captures the daily activity inside the Coeur d'Alene Coop.  Madge is quite the attraction to the younger girls when she in on the nest.  I wish I could have recorded the "chicken purring" that occurred during this … [Read more...]

Flock Integration: So Happy Together

Over the weekend we moved our 16-week old pullets into the main coop with our two older hens.  I'm happy to report it was a great success with no bloodshed, no loss of feathers or any real discomfort for anyone (especially me).  Amazing. … [Read more...]

The Mighty Claw

The giant claw suddenly appeared over the roof and one mighty bite left a huge, gaping hole in the roof. Wahoo - we're on our way to a new garage!I did get the chives and the clematis moved and I agonized over what to do with the tulips and the … [Read more...]

Hens and Housekeeping

Mother Hen. Every flock has one (animal or human) -- ours happens to be Helen, a Rhode Island Red; who also happens to be a homebody and an extraordinary housekeeper. She was named in memory of my mother - but not for any of those reasons. As a chick … [Read more...]

It’s About Time…

Welcome to the Coeur d'Alene Coop! I'll be sharing my experiences at "urban" chicken farming and gardening on our expansive .16 acre lot in Midtown Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.We've been "chicken farmers" for about 10 months now; getting our girls last May … [Read more...]